Monday, December 3, 2007

the '37

So here's the '37 coupe, which we've had since I was about 8. This is the second time in 20 years it's been in the driveway. And it drove right up, no sweat. OK, a little's blowing oil due to a busted valve or ring or something. Might be getting a new motor, we'll see. Oh, and glass. Gotta keep the spiders out, at least.


Steven A! Soria ("staso") said...

whoa, neat stuff! hey scott it's steven (soria). i know dick about cars but we just used similar lookin' ones in this noir movie we're shooting. cool stuff. a trailer for the noir segment is up on my blog and on my youtube account if you should feel inclined to check it out! anyway, just thought to drop you a line. hope you're well man!

Ciaran said...

This is amazing.

I'd love to have a car like that. Fully fixed up and working perfectly but painted and cosmetically modified to look this old and beat-up.

good luck with this project.