Monday, May 17, 2010

fender bender

So, little to no work on the '31 coupe due to a little fender bender, courtesy of the neighbor "kid", who hit and ran the old girl in the early morning hours while "talking on his phone". He claims he was doing 15 miles an hour, which is pretty amazing, as his Honda Celica must have magically become a Sherman tank for a few moments, to push my '51 up the hill like it did. Anyways, my OTHER, more loving and caring neighbors, helped me track down the culprit and his insurance paid out nicely.

Even nicer, though, is the fact that my Dad still has my Grampa's body hammers. My Grampa was a body man back in the day. We wrestled the lower fender out with a 2"x4", and my Dad went to work with the hammers. While the old girl was still "under the weather", we figured we'd upgrade a bit and switched out our shifter for a Gennie and put in a brand new wood kit in the bed.

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